Manta ray birth has never been documented in the wild, but we took on the challenge in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This legendary hotspot is now a focal point to locate, tag and track mantas. Working with scientists Dr. Mark Erdman and Dr. Sarah Lewis, the Alucia travels to this legendary location to explore manta ray habitats and to bring us closer to discovering their secrets.

Utilizing the ALUCIA’s unrivaled assets, AP flies high to reveal a secret manta ray nursery. The higher vantage point allows scientists to spot a manta and send the rest of the team into action. The team deploys a variety of tools, including GPS tracking tags and cameras in order to follow the mantas and learn more about where they go to give birth and raise their young.

Witness the diversity and breathtaking beauty of the sea that Dr. Mark Erdman and Dr. Sarah Lewis are working so hard to protect for future generations of explorers.

LOCATION: Raja Ampat, Indonesia
SCIENCE PARTNER: Conservation International
RELEASE DATE: October 2015