Our mission is to create world class media that educates and inspires people to connect to the ocean. We dive deep everyday to make new discoveries, galvanize a global audience and inspire greater stewardship of our blue planet. We create content in every format from short to broadcast, from giant screen to 360VR.



Alucia Productions uses cutting edge camera technology in order to capture groundbreaking visuals of the ocean and to tell the story of the explorers who are making new discoveries every day. We utilize a variety of cameras in our productions; from 8K REDs to super lowlight Canon & Sony cameras, we have a tool for every situation. We pride ourselves on capturing cinematic footage of the natural world that is a step above the rest.

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We conduct pioneering ocean exploration and scientific discovery which we bring to the world thru inspirational and educational media. We are intent on making a measurable difference in the way people experience and value the ocean and marine life. Our state-of-the-art research vessel enable manned expeditions into the ocean depths to reveal and document its wonders. Missions integrate scientific exploration with visual storytelling.