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About Us

As part of the Dalio Ocean Initiative, our mission is to create world-class media that educates and inspires people to connect to the ocean. We create content in every format from short form to broadcast, from Giant Screen to 360VR.

Who We Are

Alucia Productions is a nonprofit media company that partners with leading broadcasters, research institutions, conservation organizations and other production companies to chronicle ocean expeditions aboard two research vessels, the ALUCIA and UMBRA. Our mission is to facilitate cutting edge research, create innovative media and inspire heightened awareness about the beauty, complexity and fragility of the ocean and its inhabitants.

Recent Work

Bikini Atoll: Into the Atomic Abyss

At the dawn of the nuclear age, atomic bomb testing destroyed over 70 American and Japanese warships at Bikini Atoll. The ALUCIA navigates this extensive coral reef while the NADIR dives deep to discover what remains of WWII’s surprising Ghost Fleet.

Marshall Islands

Evolution in Action: Jellyfish Lake

Alucia's commitment to discovery landed us in the jungles of Indonesia. Nestled in the mountains are an unusual set of inland marine lakes that are allowing scientists to unlock mysteries of marine evolution.

Misool Islands, Indonesia

Uncovering Manta Ray Secrets

Manta ray birth has never been documented in the wild, but we took on the challenge in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This legendary hotspot is now a focal point to locate, tag and track mantas. Utilizing the ALUCIA’s unrivaled assets, AP flies high to reveal a secret manta ray nursery—assisting scientists and conservationists in protecting these remarkable creatures and their habitat.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Paradise Found: Cocos Island

Alucia Productions calls upon an unprecedented fleet of ships, helicopters, and manned submersibles to capture Cocos from every angle–underwater, topside, and aerial. This World Heritage Site inspired Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, and our recent expedition reconfirms Cocos as a global treasure.

Cocos Island, World Heritage Site

Why We Do It

We dive deep every day to make new discoveries, galvanize a global audience and inspire greater stewardship of our blue planet.


Alucia Productions uses the most advanced technology to produce cutting edge programming. We feature state of the art gear as well as proprietary enhancements we designed ourselves.

MV Alucia

The ALUCIA is a 56-meter research and exploration vessel that facilitates a wide range of diving, submersible and aerial operations. It also boasts on-board scientific research equipment.

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Triton sub

The TRITON 3300/3 is capable of diving 1000 meters with a pilot and two passengers on board. It is well equipped for marine science research, shipwreck reconnaissance, undersea videography and more.


Built and certified in the United States, this helicopter accommodates five to six passengers. Enhanced maneuverability and reduced pilot workload make it an ideal platform for capturing aerial content.

Deep Rover

The DEEP ROVER offers a 360 view through its transparent acrylic pressure hull, providing two passengers with a safe, reliable and comfortable experience down to 1000 meters.

MV Umbra

M/V UMBRA is configured to support diving, media and helicopter operations. It has the capability to be fitted with a small side A-frame and an oceanographic winch.

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BENTHIC Camera Systems

The Benthic camera systems are the most cutting edge true cinema camera systems capable of capturing 6k content as deep as 1000 meters. Developed in conjunction with Gates and DOER, and utilizing RED Dragon cameras, they allow for control of pan, tilt, full manual focus, exposure and zoom.

Production Kit

The ALUCIA and the UMBRA are both stocked with a variety of topside and underwater production gear, including cameras ranging from DSLRs to 4K cinema.

On-Board Edit Suites

From ingesting to complex editing, both the ALUCIA and UMBRA are equipped for a variety of post-production functionalities.

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About Us

As part of the Dalio Ocean Initiative, our mission is to create world-class media that educates and inspires people to connect to the ocean. We create content in every format from short form to broadcast, from Giant Screen to 360VR.

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Alucia Productions is looking for media, science and conservation partners who share a commitment to bring the greatest untold stories of the ocean to life. We’re open to great ideas that enlighten, entertain and result in meaningful change. Join us.

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